BP&I Offers Fast-Track Plan Review Alternatives

Customized Plan Review (CPR) and Permit by Appointment (PBA) continue to provide a streamlined cost and time effective option for permit issuance.

In an effort to provide an efficient project management tool to the public, the Building Permits & Inspections Division (BP&I) of Development Services continues to offer two new plan review alternatives, Customized Plan Review (CPR) and Permit By Appointment (PBA) facilitating and customizing the permitting process.

With over $ 94 million generated in new construction projects and $10 million in Tenant Improvements since their introduction in 2005, these planning services have streamlined the entire process of permit issuance by adding the convenience of a personalized representative with the Internet Permitting Information Service. Additionally, a collective plan review is included where representatives from BP&I, the Planning Department and Land Development simultaneously review and make vital recommendations to expedite the permitting process. Highlights of the CPR & PBA options include:

For more information contact:
Michael Neligh, Plan Reviewer
Development Services 915-541-4789