City of El Paso Soliciting Applicants to Fill Vacancies on the CDBG Steering Committee
City of El Paso Soliciting Applicants to Fill Vacancies on the CDBG Steering Committee The City Beat

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    City of El Paso Soliciting Applicants to Fill Vacancies on the CDBG Steering Committee

    The City of El Paso's Department of Community and Human Development is soliciting applications for the potential appointment of two (2) positions on the Community Development Steering Committee.

    2 Positions Available for the Districts Listed Below:

    District 5 - Presi Ortega
    District 6 - Eddie Holguin Jr.
    The Community Development Steering Committee is designed to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council in identifying community development and housing needs and also in formulating recommendations for the Community Development Program (CDBG).

    The Steering Committee is one of the most active committees, and members put in a lot of volunteer time in meetings, reviewing the grant packages, etc. On January 18, 2007, the Steering Committee will begin the process of reviewing grant applications, which are currently being submitted for funding that will be available September 1, 2007. The Steering Committee meets approximately twelve times (twice a week) to review applications and determine the budget recommendations that will be presented to City Council in the spring. Members also attend various collaborative meetings. It is very important that each District be represented in this process.

    This Committee serves a vital role in advising and recommending a budget to the City Council (in April) after their consideration of applications received by the Department of Community and Human Development. This Committee is very busy and puts in over 60 hours of volunteer service to the City every year, so it is very important that members have the time to attend meetings (usually scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays)

    Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:
    1. Review and comment on the development of a Citizen Participation Plan;
    2. Review statements-of-views and proposals submitted by citizens, neighborhood groups, City Departments, etc., and at public hearings;
    3. Oversee the Community Development (CD) Social Service and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) collaborative process by having designated Steering Committee members attend each of the collaborative meetings to attest to their work;
    4. Form an Appeals/Grievance Subcommittee, chaired by the Mayor's appointee to the Steering Committee, and comprised of other members not assigned to oversee a designated collaborative. The Appeals/Grievance Subcommittee's purpose is to hear appeals and/or grievances from CD/ESG collaborative members regarding process and funding level issues. All appeals will be heard after collaborative recommendations have been finalized and before the Steering Committee as a whole reviews collaborative recommendations. The Appeals/Grievance Subcommittee may also be sent issues from City Council for additional examination and recommendation.
    5. Review Community Development places and projects prepared by City Departments and neighborhood organizations;
    6. Advise City Council on policy decisions regarding program implementation;
    7. Review and comment on proposed amendments to the Community Development Program; and
    8. Assess the degree to which completed Community Development projects achieve their objectives.
    Qualifications for CD Steering Committee Members

    Committee members MUST meet ONE of the following qualifications for membership:

    Be a resident of your District and at least ONE of the following:
    1. Over 60 years of age, or
    2. Severely disabled, or
    3. Low or moderate income, or
    4. Reside in a CD eligible neighborhood where more than 51% of the residents are at a low-moderate income level.
    Background information on Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is the major source of funding for the City of El Paso's Community and Human Development department. CDBG is an annual formula grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) available for designated low-and-moderate income communities. Funded projects include parks, street and drainage, public facilities, housing, and social service programs. Since 1975, approximately - over $300 million of CDBG funding has been allocated toward the improvement and betterment of El Paso's low-and-moderate income neighborhoods. CDBG gives communities the flexibility to decide how to meet the needs of low-and -moderate income neighborhoods and persons.

    CDBG public improvement projects improve safety and living conditions for low-income neighborhood residents. This program also increases recreational opportunities and enhances neighborhood pride. Community and Human Development projects change the face of low-and-moderate income neighborhoods through housing rehabilitation, providing decent, safe, and affordable housing for low-income families. It also provides needed funding to social service programs for low-income El Pasoans.

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