2006 Community Development Steering Committee

The Community and Human Development Steering Committee, is made up of one representative from each District and one member appointed by the Mayor of El Paso.

The Steering Committee was formed to review proposals and give their recommendation for funding to City Council. Factors in the Steering Committee's decision for funding are: (1) level of citizen support, (2) Continuation of neighborhood improvements, (3) extent of need, and (4) the budget. City Council makes the final decision as to which projects are funded. Program Year and implementation starts on September 1st of every year.

Each Steering Committee member must reside in the district that they represent and meet the following guidelines:

2006 Steering Committee Members: Trini Acevedo, Jim Welshimer- Chair, John Doering, Barbara Esparza, Ana Duenez, Billie Brown, Roger Curie, and Miguel Grijalva.