Downtown Redevelopment Planů. What is the next step?

On March 31, 2006 The Paso del Norte Group unveiled the proposed "Downtown Redevelopment Plan." The plan proposes to create two districts within a designated 302.5-acre area of Downtown: the Historic District and the Redevelopment District. The Historic District, encompasses a total of 175 acres and would focus on revitalizing historic buildings, create new parks, offices, residential living spaces and new places to shop. The Redevelopment District, encompasses a total of 127.5 acres and would create five development areas. The areas include lifestyle/urban retail, mixed-use residential, mercado retail, an arena/hotel/entertainment area and a bi-national arts walk.

City Council voted to accept the preliminary plan and directed the City Manager to begin the formal process to adopt a downtown redevelopment plan in order to amend the City's comprehensive plan.

What does the formal process include?

What is the next step?
Feedback from the community processes and task force recommendations will be incorporated into the current plan. The proposed "Downtown Redevelopment Plan" with these changes will be brought to the City Plan Commission (CPC) for review. The City Plan Commission recommendations will go to City Council. City Council may approve as is, approve with changes or just vote not to approve. If approved, the plan will be incorporated into the City's Master Plan and implementation of the plan will begin. All of these processes involve formal public hearings so there will be further opportunity for community input and influence. Based on the tremendous amount work associated with this phase of the planning process, it is anticipated that recommendations will be brought to the CPC around August 1st.

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