New Fire Station to Feature Geothermal Unit: Saving Money and Natural Resources

Another completed project under the Capital Improvement Program, Fire Station #33 is the first City project to feature a Geothermal Unit.

In an effort to provide a cost efficient and environmentally sound heating and cooling mechanism into the New Fire Station #33, the Engineering Department implemented an innovative Geothermal Unit in the station design making it the first of its kind in a City project. The system utilizes an underground loop system that exchanges and renews natural energy sources more efficiently. The loop system utilizes naturally occurring temperatures from the earth to condition air temperatures in settings above the ground by:

Typical residential geothermal units are projected to average annual utility savings of 60% in comparison to conventional systems, posing promising cost and resource savings for the new station and the City. Additionally, Geothermal Units are endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy as the foremost environmentally safe system available on the market.

A scheduled grand opening in May for Fire Station #33 will highlight the Geothermal Unit.