New Audible Pedestrian Signals Provide Essential Service: UPDATE
New Audible Pedestrian Signals Provide Essential Service:  UPDATE The City Beat

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    New Audible Pedestrian Signals Provide Essential Service: UPDATE

    More signals are now available to the community in this ongoing initiative to better serve pedestrian commuters

    The Traffic and Engineering department has collaborated with various City entities and the Accessibility Advisory Committee to launch a new Audible Pedestrian Signals program (APS) providing the community an instrumental tool for crossing assistance at signalized intersections.

    The implementation of the Audible Pedestrian Signals has been the compilation of coordination and funding from several sources. The initiative entails a projected placement of 45 units around the city, placing El Paso as the leader in Texas and among the forefront of larger cities at a national level, such as San Diego and Portland, who are also currently providing this service.

    • Customized voice messages specific to location
    • Intersection identification in Braille
    • Pole locator tone that adjusts to ambiance noise
    • Vocalized crossing countdown, adjusted to pedestrian and traffic flow
    • A vibrating tangible arrow providing direction
    The following 24 intersections have been completed and are available for public usage:
    • Lomaland & Gateway East
    • Lomaland & Gateway West
    • Pasiano & Washington
    • Alameda & Boll
    • Hunter & Phoenix
    • Oregon & Schuster
    • Yarbrough & Pebble Hills
    • Mesa & Sunland Park
    • Mesa & Crestmont
    • Lomaland & Rojas
    • Mesa & University
    • University & Oregon
    • Mesa & Baltimore
    • Mesa & Rim
    • Corral & Gateway East
    • Sumac & Gateway West
    • Giles & Gateway East
    • McRae & Gateway West
    • Yarbrough & Gateway East
    • Yarbrough & Gateway West
    • Yarbrough & Vista Del Sol
    • Viscount & Westmoreland
    • Dyer & Hondo Pass
    • George Dieter & Trawood
    Updates will be provided on the APS program as additional intersections are completed in the project

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