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    Take Rodent Control Precautions

    The El Paso City-County Health and Environmental District Vector Control Program reminds the public that rodents start to emerge during warm weather causing potential problems. There is a high risk to human health with contamination and damage to private property and businesses, costing thousands of dollars to eradicate these pests. Remember mice and rats require three things to survive: food, water and harborage.

    The three R's of rodent control

    1. Reduce any food source inside and outside of your home or business:
      • Bird feeders
      • Fruit trees
      • Pet and human food not stored properly
      • Trash cans need to be covered up after disposal of trash
      • Remove dog food at night
      • Illegally dumped trash

    2. Remove standing water on your property
      • Small swimming pools that are not chlorinated
      • Eliminate water storage areas where rodents have access
      • Eliminate water leaks from faucets, air conditioners
      • Birds baths
      • Dog or cat water dish
      • Dump containers with any collection of rainwater

    3. Rid your property of ideal harborage sites
      • Piles of wood, bricks, dirt
      • Junked cars
      • Storage areas where furniture, boxes, newspapers and magazines are stored
      • In the cavities of trees
      • Under any type storage sheds
      • Abandoned birds nest
      • Openings in rock wall fences
      • Attics and between walls
    Before using chemicals around your property, consider hiring a licensed professional pest control company to do the job. For more information, call Vector Control at 594-1568.

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