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    City Begins 2007 Budget Process

    The City is currently underway with planning its budget for the upcoming 2007 fiscal year. This process is phased out, with preliminary work beginning early in the year to meet the August 31st adoption date. What has the City been working on so far and what are some of the priorities and challenges this budget will face?

    City Begins 2007 Budget ProcessBefore the proposed budget is presented to the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager and City departments work extensively to ensure a sound fiscal recommendation is made through the proposed budget.

    • Departmental Preparation of Budgets
      Each department examines their respective core department functions, mandated/unmandated programs, efficiencies and budget adjustments in order to prepare their preliminary budget request.
    • City Manager Review of Departmental Budgets
      The City Manager then works with each of the departments to perform an internal review of each of the departments' budget requests, addressing any revisions or changes that need to be made.
    • Budget Hearings
      During this month-long time period, the City Manager and City Department Heads present the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year to the Mayor and Council. The budget hearing process does provide opportunity for public commentary on each of the departments' budgets that are up for review.
    • Budget Adoption
      Pending any revisions or issues that the Mayor and City Council request be made or addressed, the budget is adopted on or before August 31st.
    Major issues facing the FY 2007 budget include:
    • Pressure to reduce tax rate in response to large increases in property assessments just released
    • Increased service demands associated with new facilities from the 2000 and 2004 Quality of Life bond initiatives that will be fully operational in FY 2007
    • Growth in core services as a result of general growth in the City, particularly the expedited growth anticipated with the expansion of Ft. Bliss
    • Expectations associated with the completion of the Open Space Master Plan
    • Service demands associated with implementation of Council's strategic priorities
    • Employee compensation increases including unfunded pension liabilities that will require resolution in the near term
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    Upcoming City Meetings & Events:
    • For a listing of City Meetings, City Council Meetings or community meetings.
      Read more....

    • To find out what City events are happening in a neighborhood near you, visit the City Events Calendar.

    Major Issues:
    • Preventing Animal Cruelty
      The City's El Paso Police Department is making great efforts to educate the public on animal cruelty and help address this problem.
    • Petition Campaign Aimed at Helping Preserve Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
      Funding aimed at improving the quality of life for low to moderate-income families is being cut year after year. A new petition campaign has been started to help address this situation.
    • Downtown Redevelopment Plan…. What is the next step?
      On March 31, 2006 The Paso del Norte Group unveiled the proposed "Downtown Redevelopment Plan." Learn more about what the next steps will be in the process and what that means for El Paso.

    Public Safety & Health:
    • Fire Department Offers Tips to Make Your Spring and Summer Safe
      Spring and summer months bring changes in lifestyles and recreational activities for many Americans. El Paso Fire Officials want to remind the public to think safety while enjoying outdoor activities.
    • Health Tips to Keep You Safe For Picnics and Cookouts This Summer
      Food poisoning - it's not what we want to think about when we plan for the fun times of holidays. Take these few precautions while you are enjoying picnics and cookouts this summer to prevent food-borne illness.
    • Take Rodent Control Precautions
      The El Paso City-County Health & Environmental District Vector Control Program is working to remind the public that rodents start to emerge during warm weather, causing potential problems. To find out what you can do to protect your health and property,
    • El Paso Police Department Safe Communities 2006 Community Safety Fair
      Join in on fun for all ages at this year's Community Safety Fair. Admission to the event is free. Learn more about how to keep you and your families safe.

    Development & Infrastructure:
    • New Fire Station to Feature Geothermal Unit: Saving Money and Natural Resources
      Another completed project under the Capital Improvement Program, Fire Station #33, is the first City project to feature a Geothermal Unit.
    • Revisions Approved in Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places
      During the City Council meeting of April 4, 2006, a public hearing was conducted regarding the proposed revisions to Title 13. The amendments to the chapters under Title 13 were brought forward to modernize and renew procedures for the administrative issuance of parade, temporary event and amplification permits and notices of picketing.
    • Median Beautification Project Begins in the Northeast
      As part of the City's continual effort to enrich the community's landscape, a street improvement project has begun in the Northeast, revitalizing the area.
    • New Audible Pedestrian Signals Provide Essential Service: UPDATE
      More signals are now available to the community in this ongoing initiative to better serve pedestrian commuters. Where are these new units located?
    • Reminder: Citywide Curb Ramp on Demand Program Still Available
      The Office of Accessibility & ADA encourages individuals to contact the City if they require a curb ramp to be cut to provide improved access for independent mobility.

    • El Paso International Airport Receives the Federal Aviation Administration Southwest Region Environmental Award
      El Paso International Airport Receives the Federal Aviation Administration Southwest Region Environmental Award The El Paso International Airport was the Southwest Region recipient of this award, which recognizes environmental stewardship in the airport industry, among other factors.
    • Sun Metro to Launch Summer Fun Pass
      Sun Metro's Summer Fun Pass offers youth the option of mobility this summer, through the 2006 Fun Pass Campaign "Don't Walk - Ride".

    Quality of Life:
    • Take Part in Celebrating "See America Week"
      The Annual Spirit of Amigo Luncheon and Travel Fair, sponsored by the El Paso Convention & Visitors Bureau, will take place on May 18, 2006. This event works to encourage El Pasoans to learn more about tourism and promoting their city by maintaining the "Spirit of Amigo."
    • "Lions, and Tigers and Giraffes, Oh My!"
      Lions, and Tigers and Giraffes, Oh My!The El Paso is anticipating the impending construction that will build a new major Africa exhibit and much more.
    • Party in the Canyon!
      Party in the Canyon! The McKelligon Canyon Ampitheatre Complex, after recent renovations, is ready and available to play host to your function! To find out more about how to have your party in the Canyon,
    • Recreation Activities for Kids: Stay Active This Summer
      The City's Parks and Recreation Department offers countless fun-filled activities for kids to enjoy during the summer months. Find out more about them!
    • Healthy Hearts With Parks Fun Walks
      The Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for year two of the Healthy Hearts with Parks Fun Walks. Join in on the fun!!
    • Visit and Experience the Municipal Rose Garden
      The City Parks and Recreation Department recently re-opened the newly expanded Rose Garden. Come and experience the beauty of this natural treasure!
    • The El Paso Public Library Wants YOUR Story
      Has the library made a real impact on your life? Tell us your story!
    • Archaeology Museum Continues to Make Contributions to Publications
      The El Paso Museum of Archaeology's mission to conduct research and educate the public has been shared with audiences everywhere through their contributions to various publications.
    • 2006 Community Development Steering Committee
      Get to know more about this important committee and the people who help to lead it.
    • Social Services Programs Offer Seniors an Outlet to Give Back to the Community
      Seniors can help make a difference within all areas of the community by volunteering to take part in programs offered by the Community and Human Development Department. To learn more about how to get involved,
    • Library Breeds Patrons of the Arts
      By Mike Payan, Librarian

      Library Breeds Patrons of the ArtsEl Paso and the surrounding communities are fast becoming an area where arts and humanities not only survive but also flourish. The El Paso Public Library offers programs city wide that provide resources to foster growth in these areas.
    • Art in the Park Festival to Showcase Community Artists
      Art in the Park, the largest outdoor Arts and Crafts festival in El Paso, will be at the Memorial Park reserve area on May 20th & 21st. Come and enjoy the art and the festivities!

    Financial & Administrative Services:
    • New Human Resources Director Named for the City
      The City of El Paso is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Ball Thomas as the permanent Human Resources Director.

    General Information:
    • Celebrate Bike Month in the El Paso Community
      May is recognized across the nation as Bike Month. And El Paso is doing its part to celebrate & participate.

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