Pedal Power at the El Paso Zoo!

By Liz Kern El Paso Zoo Marketing Coordinator

Just as the City of El Paso is trying to create a greener world for our citizens, the El Paso Zoo has been kicking its own recycling program into high gear to help save the planet. You could say the Zoo is literally shifting into a greener gear with a new mode of transportation for our Zoo staff.

Now, when guests visit the El Paso Zoo, they might see a Zoo keeper whizzing past on a bike! (RIGHT: Zoo Educator Rick LoBello goes for a spin!)

Our Zoo Green Team has been coming up with different ways to conserve energy, so three of these attractive yellow bikes were purchased as part of the El Paso Zoo’s plans to be eco-friendly, and to be honest, these new pedal-power people propellers are positively popular! Positive benefits are exercise for the staff and no nasty emissions from a gasoline engine. Plus they look really cool and send a good message to our visitors – that we are striving to be green and bicycling is one way we can all reduce pollution*.

Even Steve Marshall, our fearless Zoo Director got on one of our new Green Machine bicycles and showed his fellow zoo employees just how the bike works. Motorcycle jacket, goggles and all – it was quite a sight!

Now, somebody just has to find our Mr. Marshall to get the bike back!

*For a change, this weekend, walk to a restaurant instead of drive, or bike with your kids to a place to eat lunch. You can even bike to the El Paso Zoo for HALF PRICE DAY on May 17th, in honor of Armed Forces Day. ( You’ll burn off some calories, bond with your family and see neighborhood details you wouldn’t normally notice.