Project Reconstructing Downtown Streets Completes

The Downtown initiative addressing the major reconstruction of several streets recently completed ahead of schedule, bringing a new look and substantial improvements to the area.

Improvements as part of the Central Business District Phase III (CBDIII) project reached their final stage with the recent completion of construction at the Mesa and Main intersection. Reconstruction efforts mobilized in February, 2006 and completed in March, 2008, with the following 6 streets targeted in expediting the project:

These streets now count with extensive street and drainage enhancements to include the replacement of existing asphalt pavement, sidewalks, driveways, traffic signals and street lighting. Additionally, the improvement project also upgraded all water and sanitary sewer lines.

Throughout the ongoing phases of construction, the Engineering Department worked closely with the contractor, other City departments, the Central Business Association, the utility companies, the business community and residents to realize the initiative as expeditiously as possible. These continual collaborative efforts have enabled the timely completion of a project greatly contributing to the enrichment of the operational and aesthetic conditions of the Downtown streetscape.