Complying With Ordinances

The El Paso Police Department would like to inform the citizens of El Paso on the following city ordinances. The objective is to promote a better quality of life and cleaner neighborhoods in our city. If you become aware of one of these violations, you can contact any of the following City departments in an effort to obtain compliance: Environmental Services Code Compliance at 774-4500 or El Paso Police Department at 832-4400.

  1. Tractor trailer parked on a residential street or residence.
  2. Over-size vehicle parked on a residential street, any of the following combinations: 9 ft. in height, 26 ft. in length, 78 in width or over 2 tons in weight
  3. Vehicle displayed for sale on the street or easement (property between curb and property line)
  4. Vehicle blocking driveway
  5. Vehicle parked on the sidewalk or easement (property between curb and property line)
  6. Junk vehicle parked on private property (vehicle w/out current registration, inspection sticker, inoperable).
  7. Grass or weeds over 12 (inches) in height
  8. Accumulation of trash on private property
  9. Storage of open trash
  10. Wrecked vehicle stored on private property (45 days grace period allowed for restoration of vehicle)
  11. Abandoned vehicle on a public roadway (vehicle parked on city street or alley for more than 5 days without moving)