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04/27/2007 Volume 2, Issue 4 Contact Us

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    Proposition 3

    Highlights: Allows City Representatives to hire a personal legislative aide as an unclassified position

    Amended Text
    Amending the Charter of the City of El Paso Section 3.1, Creation: Composition; Powers and Duties; and Section 6.2-2, new subsection, Unclassified Services; to read as follows:

    There shall be a City Council consisting of District Representatives and the Mayor. The Council shall have legislative powers, and the power and duty to select, direct, and regularly evaluate the City Manager, as well as such other and specific powers and duties as may be provided by law or this Charter. Each Representative shall have the discretion and sole authority to appoint and remove a legislative aide. Section 6.2-2, New Subsection UNCLASSIFIED SERVICES.
    The unclassified services shall include only the following positions: A person hired solely as a District Representative's legislative aide for the limited period of the term of office for that District Representative.

    Proposition Question
    Ballot Proposition No. 3

    FOR ( ) Shall Sections 3.1, and 6.2-2 of the City Charter be amended to add provisions allowing each District Representative to appoint and remove a legislative aide to work in the unclassified services during the Representative's term of office; and to renumber Section 6.2-2 to include the new subsection as appropriate?
    AGAINST ( )  

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