Proposition 9

Highlights: Allows various personnel policies and procedures to be set by rules and ordinances by City Manager and Human Resources directive subject to Civil Service Commission and City Council approval.

Amended Text
Amending the Charter of the City of El Paso Section 6.4-3, Compensation Reduction; Section 6.9-1, Probation Period; Section 6.9-2, Impact of Staff Reductions; Section 6.10-1, Conditions for Layoff; Section 6.10-2, Job Rights; Section 6.10-4, Leave of Absence; Section 6.10-7, Sick Leave; Section 6.10-8, Vacation; Section 6.10-9, Resignation; Section 6.10-10, Reinstatement Following Resignation; Section 6.11-1, When Transfer is Permissible; Section 6.11-4, Reduction for Physical Incapacity; Section 6.11-4, Reduction for Physical Incapacity; Section 6.12, Efficiency; Section 6.12-1, Standards of Efficiency; and deleting Sections 6.10-3, 6.10-5, 6.10-6, 6.10-11, 6.11-2 and 6.11-3 in their entirety, and certain definitions in Section 6.14-1; to read as follows:

The pay of any City employee or group of employees may not be reduced, except when such reduction is necessary to equalize the pay according to the provisions of the classification and compensation plans for reasons of economy, or as otherwise provided in this Charter. If a pay reduction is for reasons of economy or pay equalization, it must be uniform throughout the classified service on a proportionate basis.

Probationary periods shall be established by Rule. Such Rule shall prescribe the procedures and consequences applicable to employees who fail to successfully complete probationary periods, and provide criteria for the extension of probationary periods.

The Human Resources Director is authorized and directed, subject to approval by the Council, to establish systems for reducing the impact on the Civil Service of staff reductions and layoffs caused by operating economies.

Whenever it becomes necessary through lack of work or funds, or through the abolishment of a position or class, or for any other reason not involving delinquency on the part of the employee, to reduce the number of employees in any class, the City Manager may order a layoff. The reduction will be made in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Rules.

Section 6.10-2 JOB RIGHTS.
Employees who are removed from their positions as the result of abolishment or a layoff (to include subsequent displacement action) will have the right to be appointed to any vacant position for which qualified, in accordance with the procedures established in the Rules.

Section 6.10-4 LEAVE OF ABSENCE.
Permanent employees may be granted a leave of absence by the City Manager or designee under conditions set forth in the Rules. Provisions regarding the reinstatement of an employee upon the expiration of a leave of absence and the separation from the service of an employee who fails to report at the expiration of a leave of absence will be set forth in the Rules.

Section 6.10-7 SICK LEAVE.
Classified employees are entitled to an annual sick leave, in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Rules. The City Manager may grant the same sick leave benefits to provisional appointees.

Section 6.10-8 VACATIONS.
Classified employees who have held a city position for a period of six months, and who have successfully completed their respective probationary periods, will be entitled to take accrued vacation with pay as specified in the Rules.

Section 6.10-9 RESIGNATION.
The resignation of a classified employee will be filed and accepted on behalf of the City in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Rules.

Any person who has held a classified position and has resigned from the service in good standing and without fault or delinquency may seek reinstatement in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Rules.

Transfers may be made from a position in one department to a similar position, of the same class and grade, in another department, in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Rules.

An employee may be reduced from a higher to a lower class when physically unable to perform the duties of the higher position, in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Rules.

The City Manager, or by designation the Human Resources Director, shall establish by written policy appropriate standards of efficiency for all positions in each class and grade in the classified positions.

Proposition Question
Ballot Proposition No. 9

FOR ( ) Shall Sections 6.4-3, 6.9-1, 6.9-2, 6.10-1, 6.10-2, 6.10-4, 6.10-7, 6.10-8, 6.10-9, 6.10-10, 6.11-1, 6.11-4 and 6.12-1 of the City Charter be amended and Sections 6.10-3, 6.10-5, 6.10-6, 6.10-11, 6.11-2 and 6.11-3 be deleted in their entirety, relating to job rights, conditions and benefits provided to employees: to provide procedures and conditions for compensation and staff reduction, lay off, job abolishment, leave of absence, sick leave, vacations, resignation, reinstatement following resignation, probationary periods, transferring job positions, and reduction in job class for physical incapacity, be in accordance with established Rules; to provide that the City Manager or the Human Resources Director shall establish standards of efficiency to measure employee performance; to delete definitions in Section 6.14-1 for the terms layoff, resignation, reinstatement, advancement, and efficiency or service records; and the section number of 6.12-1 be deleted and Section 6.12 be renamed as Standards of Efficiency; and the provisions under Sections 6.10 and 6.11 be renumbered as appropriate?