Proposition 11

Highlights: Conforms Charter language to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) terminology (clean-up only).

Amended Text
Amending the Charter of the City of El Paso Section 6.13-11, Subsection A, Pension Plans, to read as follows:

Section 6.13-11, Subsection A PENSION PLANS.
A. The Council shall continue a pension plan for all permanent full time employees. Permanent part-time and eligible contract employees may elect not to participate in the plan. Other employees of the City and employees of governmental agencies of the City, except policemen, firemen, and elected officials of the City, shall have the option of participating in the plan. Eligible employees of an adopting employer of the plan shall be participants of the plan.

Proposition Question
Ballot proposition No. 11

FOR ( ) Shall Section 6.13-11 A of the City Charter be amended, to revise the language concerning the City's pension plan for non-uniform employees to be in conformance with Internal Revenue Service terminology; to include eligible contract employees, and eligible employees of an adopting employer as eligible participants in the plan; and to remove provisions no longer needed concerning employees working at the Library prior to 1968?