City, State and Local Non-Profit Work Together to "Keep El Paso Beautiful"

City, State and Local Non-Profit Work Together to - Keep El Paso BeautifulIn 2005, Keep El Paso Beautiful (KEPB) was awarded the Governor's Community Achievement Award (GCAA), the most prestigious environmental award offered through Keep Texas Beautiful. The GCAA has brought an award of over $265,000 to El Paso to be used for beautification along a Texas state highway within our city limits. Keep El Paso Beautiful is working in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and the El Paso Street Department to beautify approximately 28 medians along McRae Blvd. (FM2316) from I-10 going north to Montana Ave. (US-62-180.) through the use of landscaping.

In conjunction with this project are the 20 medians located on North Loop Rd. (FM76) from Zaragoza Rd. (FM659) going east about 1/4 mile past Americas Ave. (Loop 375.) The beautification projects of both streets include ADA facilities, irrigation system, ground cover (colored rock), colored stamped concrete, trees and plants.

The landscape design of the medians on McRae Blvd. will be similar to the recently landscaped medians on Mesa St. (SH20), which were completed in 2006 under Keep El Paso Beautiful's 2001 GCAA and through TXDOT.

The approximate cost of the project is $1.5 million. The project began construction in January 2007 and is expected to be completed late summer of 2007.