Fire Safety Tips

With warmer weather and longer days here, El Paso residents are emerging from the winter months to focus on long-neglected projects like spring-cleaning, home repairs and yard work. To help ensure everyone in the El Paso community stays safe this season, the El Paso Fire Department offers the following tips for spring safety:

Cleaning Safety:

Yard Work Safety: Ladder Safety:
Ready to do some home repairs? On average, about 145,000 people visit the emergency room each year, due to ladder mishaps. Here are a few safety tips to avoid such tragedies: These are just a few of the safety precautions to consider during the spring. It's also a great time to replace your smoke detector batteries, make sure fire extinguishers are placed in proper locations around your home, and ensure you have a working flashlight and battery-powered radio for spring storms. By taking the right precautions now, you and those around you can enjoy a safer and healthier springtime.