SPECIAL EDITION: City Charter Amendment Election

SPECIAL EDITION: City Charter Amendment ElectionThe City of El Paso will be holding a City Charter Amendment Election along with the General District Elections on Saturday, May 12, 2007. In order to help inform the public of what each of the proposed charter amendments entail, this special edition of The City Beat will outline what this process is all about and how you can vote on these amendments.

In the last City Charter election, voters approved the change in the City Charter to change to a Council-Manager form of government, in addition to changing the then 2-year terms of the Mayor and City Council to 4-year staggered terms. Once this change was made and the City Manager took office, a process ensued that looked to help increase efficiencies in City government through revising policies and procedures in conformance with the new form of government. In taking a deeper look at the current charter, the need was identified to begin work on amending the City's Charter to accomplish various goals. The City Manager and City staff have been working on the charter amendments since mid-summer 2006. The proposed changes that will appear on the election ballot come from input received at numerous meetings. As part of the review process, City Council members, City administration, City employee work groups and a citizen review panel all had the opportunity to review the Charter and make recommendations. A Charter Review committee, consisting of members of the City Council's Rules Legislative Review Committee, citizen appointments by all members of the City Council, and representatives from the Civil Service Commission, City Plan Commission and Neighborhood Council, held public meetings to vet and discuss all issues and concerns surrounding the proposed changes.

On February 20, 2007, City Council voted to hold a Charter election along with the four City Council district elections on May 12, 2007.

Objectives of the Charter Review Process
The above process for amending the City Charter was begun to address several major objectives, to include: Voting Information
Early voting will run from Monday, April 30th through Tuesday, May 8th. Locations for early voting are listed and can be viewed at the following link: Early Voting - Locations PDF

For a complete listing of precincts and polling locations for the May 12th general election please click the following link: May 12th Precincts & Polling Places PDF

Propositions on the Ballot
The following section provides a listing of all 14 propositions as they will appear on the ballot. Each proposition will be presented in the form of a question, with the responses "FOR" or "AGAINST" listed as selections for voters. Click on each link to view information about each of the propositions. Additional Information
The proposition information, amended text and polling sites for both early voting and the day of the General Election is also available in spanish at: www.elpasotexas.gov. You can access this information by clicking on the May 12th Election Information link under the News and Notices section.
Also on that page is a link to the original charter for the community's reference.

Upcoming City Meetings & Events:

Major Issues:
Public Safety & Health:
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Quality of Life: