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    Subdivision Ordinance Rewrite Moving Forward

    Progress continues in the City initiative to modernize the existing Subdivision Ordinance. Recently, a series of community meetings were held to incorporate public input into the planning process.

    The purpose of the Subdivision Ordinance is to establish certain standards and procedures for land subdivision and development for residential, business, or industrial purposes marking a critical factor impacting the growth of our community.

    The rewrite proposal is intended to provide for the orderly and efficient development of the City of El Paso by incorporating important development elements to include the dedication or preservation of open space, recreation areas, and other public facilities. Additionally, the new ordinance is intended to provide for the protection of historic resources and the natural environment while taking into account the distribution of population and traffic. The rewrite shall be conducive to creating conditions essential to public health, safety and the general welfare of residents with importance citywide.

    Community meetings were held last week to gain feedback from various entities to include developers and representatives from neighborhood associations. The information and priorities identified in these meetings will be shared formally with the City Plan Commission and the City Council in public hearings expected to come forward late Spring.

    Where does the authority for land use regulation come from?
    Chapter 211.001, Texas Local Government Code states that the purpose of land use regulations is to promote the public health, safety, morals, or general welfare and protecting and preserving places and areas of historical, cultural, or architectural importance and significance.

    To review the proposed revisions to the Subdivision Ordinance, please click on one of these documents:
    PDF 2007-04-14 Article 1-2
    PDF 2007-04-14 Art 3-4-5
    PDF 2007-04-14 Article 6

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