The Answer is Online @ El Paso Public Library

Introducing TexShare, ReferenceUSA, Alldata and AccessScience
By William Lockhart, Head of Reference

The El Paso Public Library provides access to information in many ways: books, magazines, microform and, of course, online. Besides having access to the Internet and its millions of web pages, the library also provides the public free access to specialized databases to which the library subscribes. Databases are digital storehouses of published information not readily available over the net. This information can be from magazines, journals, books or any other authoritative source of information. Databases can be searched by subject, keyword, or author and many offer fully searchable full-text articles. The El Paso Public Library offers access to the TexShare, ReferenceUSA, Alldata and AccessScience databases.

The Answer is online @ El Paso Public LibraryGeneral Information - The TexShare databases can be accessed from home with the URL and the login and password available from any branch library. The Texas State Library makes TexShare available to all Texas Public and Academic Libraries at a reduced cost. The TexShare databases provide the most up-to-date relevant information from magazines, journals and books on just about every subject. Library patrons can use these databases to get information on Business, Medicine and Genealogy as well as thousands of other subjects. The databases are easy to use and are excellent sources of information for students, professionals, business owners, families and anyone who needs to do in-depth research.

Business Information - ReferenceUSA is a directory database of phonebooks covering the entire United States. Residential listings, as well as business listings and medical listings are provided. The Residential information can be accessed by name, address and phone number and can be limited by State, City, Zip Code or Area Code. The Business information includes business name, address, phone number, toll-free number, fax numbers, number of employees, gross sales, contact name and more. Searches can be by industrial code, Yellow Page heading, address, city, state, contact name, and more. Medical information includes the Doctor or Dentist's name, address, phone number, specialty and license information. Searching is possible by name, location or specialty.

Automotive Information - Alldata is an automotive repair database that provides repair information for all makes and models from the present back to 1981. Diagrams, parts numbers and prices, as well as instructions, are provided. Searching is done by Make, Model and year of vehicle.

Scientific Information - AccessScience is an online science encyclopedia providing information on many different science subjects. A student section is available with tutoring for advance placement exams, topic areas, essay topics and a science Q&A section answered by experts. Biographical information is also available.

For help using any of these databases, please ask the all-knowing, helpful staff any of our branches. We will be glad to introduce you to each of these databases or let you take them for a spin right there in the library and have a great time for free!