Special Curfew Areas Intended to Deter Underage Drinking Activity

On March 13th 2006, the El Paso City Council passed an amendment to the City's Curfew Ordinance (title 10 Municipal Code). This amendment adds "Special Curfew Areas" and "Special Curfew Hours" to the existing ordinance. The original city ordinance came to effect in the early 90's. It was created in an effort to help curb the gang violence that was having a tremendous effect on our city at that time. The original ordinance made it a municipal violation (citable offense) for any person under the age of 17 to be out on any public place or establishment after 11p.m.

The amendment, which is now currently in effect, defines the Special Curfew areas as:

"Special Curfew Areas" - the areas contained within the following boundaries:

Special Curfew Area "A"
  1. Beginning at the intersection of Father Rahm Avenue and Santa Fe Street;
  2. Proceeding south on Santa Fe Street to Loop 375 (Border Highway);
  3. Proceeding east on Loop 375 (Border Highway) to Oregon Street;
  4. Proceeding north on Oregon Street to Father Rahm Avenue; and
  5. West on Father Rahm Avenue to the point of beginning.
Special Curfew Area "B"
  1. Beginning at the intersection of Mesa Street and Seventh Avenue; and
  2. Proceeding south on Mesa Street to Eighth Street; and
  3. Proceeding east on Eighth Street to Kansas Street; and
  4. Proceeding north on Kansas Street to Seventh Avenue; and
  5. West on Seventh Avenue to the point of the beginning.
Click here to view a map of the Special Curfew Areas

These areas are basically the areas around the Paso Del Norte Bridge and the Stanton Street Bridge. Special Curfew hours are defined as 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. and are only for the areas designated as Special Curfew Areas. It is very important to remember that all other parts of the city will remain under the original curfew hours of 11p.m.

This amendment came to be after citizens expressed concerns about youths going into Mexico to consume alcohol. Last year the El Paso Police Department had brought up to the citizens at a City Council meeting the idea of a law prohibiting minors to cross into Mexico unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. During this meeting a citizen suggested the idea of implementing some type of special curfew as other cities create for youths in high crime areas or entertainment districts. This is an example El Paso Police Department's commitment to the philosophy of Community Policing, law enforcement and the community working as partners to address the concerns in their community.