Property Owners May No Longer Require Flood Insurance

Effective February 16, 2006 changes to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) were approved by FEMA, revaluating current areas listed in flood plain zones and possibly eliminating or adding the requirement for property owners to purchase or maintain their current flood insurance policy. The primary targeted areas affected by these revisions are homes located:

Homeowners within this parameter are advised to contact the City specifying their address for a free flood zone determination reflecting these changes. The provided updated flood zone determinations are still subject to review and specifications by mortgage lenders for policy changes. Additionally, the City will continue providing a confirmation letter upon request for the same cost of $10.00.

Contact: Hector Esparza
Certified Flood Plain Manager
Development Services Department
City of El Paso

For a district street directory please visit:

***The week of March 20-24 is National Flood Safety Awareness Week please visit the provided link for safety awareness tips and special activities for the week: