City Entities Working to Keep El Paso Beautiful

How do you get a safer, healthier, more beautiful and more economically viable community? CLEAN IT UP!!!

On a daily basis community groups, neighborhood associations and individuals call the office of Keep El Paso Beautiful (KEPB) requesting support for their clean-ups. Some of the most frequently requested items are roll offs, dumpsters, trash pickup and graffiti removal. These extra services generally come with a hefty price tag. The City's Environmental Services and Streets Departments acknowledge the impact of a clean community on health and safety factors, not to mention the economic benefits. These city entities joined forces with KEPB and waved all of the environmental fees to support 4 major city wide clean-ups.

Coming up April 1st (NO FOOLING) is the National "Great American Clean-Up" (GAC) locally known as the "Texas Trash Off". The GAC is one of the 4 major KEPB clean-ups supported by the Environmental Services and Streets Departments. Weekly meetings are under way every Tuesday at 10 a.m. The meetings are being held at Solid Waste Management located at 7969 San Paulo. On the day of the GAC, Environmental Services and the Streets Department will provide roll offs, dumpsters, graffiti removal, rovers carrying bottled water and extra clean up supplies (rakes, shovels, trash bags etc. from the KEPB community tool sheds) to all sites targeted for clean up. The landfill fees are waved along with trash removal, dumpster and roll off fees. The landfill fee alone for one roll off is well over $300.00. This clean-up is the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and take pride in our home town. El Pasoans can work together in partnership with city entities, local business, local government agencies and KEPB united in an effort to make our community a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful place to live.

The three other major clean ups that KEPB receives generous support from Environmental Services and the Streets Department are the "Gift to the River" held in September, "Pride Day" held in October and "Gift to the Mountain," which was just wrapped up on February 4th. KEPB has a dream that every child has the right to grow up in a litter free environment. Through educational efforts, raising awareness, building community pride and strong partnerships, we as a community can achieve that dream! Thank you to all the men and women from Environmental Services and the Streets Department. We could not accomplish these huge undertakings without your support!!

Don't wait for the 4 major clean-ups! KEPB has made it possible for you to take pride in El Paso all the time by utilizing the KEPB Community Tool Sheds. They are a lending library of clean-up and beautification supplies. The tool sheds are located at 8 local Fire Departments throughout El Paso. There is one in every district. Our goal is to establish a Tool Shed at every Fire Department throughout El Paso. Please call the office of KEPB for more details regarding the KEPB Community Tool Shed program, the KEPB Educational programs and our 4 major city wide clean ups. Our office number is 546-6742.