City to Modernize Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places
City to Modernize Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places The City Beat

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    City to Modernize Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

    City to Modernize Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

    During the Council Meeting of March 21,2006, amendments to chapters under Title 13 were introduced in an effort to renew procedures for the administrative issuance of parade, temporary event, and amplification permits and notices of picketing. A Public Hearing will take place on April 4th to provide community input on the proposed changes brought forward. Highlights of the general revisions to the ordinances included:

    Title 13: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

    • Parades & Temporary events permits would not have to go to City Council for approval or denial
    • New process will separate the various permits into separate chapters of the code.
    • Administrative issuance of parade, temporary event & amplification permits
    • Requires filling of notices for picketing 72 hours in advance for groups of 25 or more, however, does not require a permit to be issued
    • New fees for permits and late fees for filing applications
    • Proposed effective date of May 1, 2006
    The following are the proposed changes to each of the chapters:

    Chapter 13.32: Temporary Event Permits
    • Involves block parties and similar events on residential streets
    • Applications must be filed thirty (30) days before event; approval/denial within twenty (20) days of filing the application
    • The ordinance gives the City more authority to require points of access by emergency vehicles during events, the placement of trash receptacles, and to better control the noise from these events. Persons residing on the street can request to have barricades placed by their homes to keep people out of their yards.
    • Application fee of $60
    • Permittee responsible for all costs of traffic control, security, barricade rental, etc.


    • One-half of the estimated costs for City Services due prior to permit issuance
    Chapter 13.34: Picketing Notices
    • Applies to sidewalks, parks & rights-of-way other than streets, by groups of 25 persons or more
    • A separate authorization for picketing is being created to allow individuals to have the ability to quickly obtain permission to picket, protest or otherwise exercise First Amendment rights at no cost.
    • Separate Authorization that allows permissions to be quickly obtained at no cost
    • Police Department administers process; Requires filing of notice of intent to picket by the public: once notice is verified, the Police Department issues receipt & picketing may then take place
    • Picketing will be restricted in certain areas such as the Civic Center Plaza, other than the west side of City Hall; congested areas such as San Jacinto Plaza, Pioneer Plaza and Arts Festival Plaza; the entrance to the Zoo; the sidewalks abutting the Police Department Central Regional Command Center; on medians; and at locations directed at hospitals and particular private residences.
    • The ordinance contains provisions regulating the size and construction of signs that can be carried and guidelines for the handling of competing picketing groups and hecklers.
    Chapter 13.36: Parade & Public Assembly Permits
    • Applies to parades, assemblies using streets or exclusive portions of rights-of-way or parks, & athletic events
    • Applications must be filed thirty (30) days before event; permits issued within twenty (20) days of filing application
    • Because of the dangers presented by lengthy, rapidly moving parades, parades consisting solely of moving vehicles may not exceed five miles in length.
    • Any person or organization wanting the City to co-sponsor an event must file their request for City funding prior to June 1, 2006, and thereafter by March 1st of each year. This will enable the Council to make one decision as to which events have a municipal purpose and should be co-sponsored and to put adequate funding in the budget to pay for them.
    • New provisions have been added to allow the Police Department to work with applicants to develop efficient foot and bicycle race routes to help reduce the traffic control costs.
    • Application fee of $60
    • Permittee responsible for all costs of traffic control, security, barricade rental, etc.


    • Police Department to create a schedule of fees for their services
    • One-half of the estimated costs for the city services due prior to permit issuance
    Chapter 13.28: Amplification Permits:
    • Applies to non-commercial uses of amplification
    • Jointly requested with application for parade or temporary events
    • The application must be submitted five business days prior to the date of use. Permits will be issued within three business days of the receipt of the application.
    • The ordinance includes some new restrictions on the locations where amplification can be used. Prohibited areas include most of the Civic Center Plaza and San Jacinto Plaza, and areas next to the Zoo. Additionally, residences, hospitals and performing arts and motion picture facilities cannot be targeted.
    • To reduce the impact of amplification noise upon downtown governmental and business offices no more than 30 minutes of amplification may occur during each two-hour period in the downtown government/business area.
    • Requires compliance with Noise Ordinance


    • Permit fee of $15: Indigent applicants who are unable to pay the permit fee can obtain a waiver of the fees from the permit official. The process for applying for the waiver is set forth in the ordinance.
    Chapter 15.08, Special Privilege Licenses:
    • This ordinance is being amended to reflect the adoption of these new ordinances as exceptions to the requirement for obtaining a special privilege.
    For more information on these chapters and Title 13 please visit:

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