Coach Operator Recognized for Heroism

Coach Operator Recognized for HeroismDuring a recent Mass Transit Board Meeting, Sun Metro recognized one if its' professional Coach Operators, Henry Jones, for his heroic efforts. Sun Metro received a call on December 28, 2007 from Ms. Silva, commending Mr. Jones for his bravery upon encountering an accident, stating he didn't see the danger he put himself in by climbing on an overturned SUV and pulling the accident victim out of her vehicle.

Mr. Jones witnessed the driver hit a patch of ice and lose control of the vehicle, causing the SUV to slide on its side, coming to a stop only after hitting a telephone pole. Jones said he chose to stop and help because, "the car had the potential to start on fire. It was the right thing to do, not only as a driver, but as a human being."

Ms. Silva added that Mr. Jones remained extremely calm and went outside the call of duty to do everything he could to help the accident victim while emergency response units arrived on the scene.

Sun Metro Director Tim Omick praised the driver, saying, "I would like to congratulate Mr. Jones for going past his call of duty to ensure the safety of a member of our community, for providing exceptional customer service and I commend him for projecting a positive image in our community."