Storm 2006-Report to the Community

Message from the City Manager

Storm 2006-Report to the CommunityThe major rain storms of last summer, referred to as Storm 2006, left behind significant personal and public property damage. This "Report to the Community" is intended as an update to make citizens aware of the work that has been started, completed and on-going, and the schedule of future repair and reconstruction work throughout the City. We ask for the community's patience and to be assured that our number one priority is to address and execute the construction of the critical infrastructure that is necessary. The City, in coordination with many local, state and federal agencies, has been working to address these priorities since the Presidential Disaster Declaration was issued on August 15, 2006.

Given the need to keep costs low so that a citywide tax increase would not be necessitated, emergency funding has been set aside to these priorities so that immediate work could begin. This was achieved through the reprogramming of existing capital bond funding from projects where delays would have the least impact to the overall program. These projects will be made whole upon the timely issuance of new bond allocations. The El Paso City Council has also authorized issuance of Certificates of Obligation up to an amount of $100 million for infrastructure work. In total, $115 million of bond funding has been earmarked for the critical repair and reconstruction work needed within the City's road and storm water drainage system that is a direct result of Storm 2006.

Every opportunity for state and federal funding assistance and reimbursement is being tapped to help the City with this massive undertaking and every effort is being made to have the work substantively completed within an eighteen-month period (by February 2008) in order to meet federal reimbursement guidelines.

We will continue to update the community as work and progress continues.

Joyce A. Wilson
City Manager
El Paso,Texas

Street Department For more information or to report a pothole, please call 621-6750

Environmental Services For more information or to schedule a debris pick-up, please call 621-6700

Development Services

Progress continues underway in the City initiative to acquire property and relocate families in the Mowad, Fiesta and Saipan areas within our community. The City Council has authorized the property acquisition and replacement of housing within these subdivisions as a long-term resolution and the most practical and technically responsible manner to preserve public health and safety for residents of these neighborhoods.

The following is the current status of the program in each of the targeted areas:

Mowad Subdivsion Saipan Fiesta For more information on the Buy Out Program please call 541-4556

FEMA Coordination
The FEMA discovery period for identifying public infrastructure damaged by the storm event is 60 days from the date of the disaster declaration. During this period, City personnel worked extensively with FEMA Teams to make field assessments. A total of 28 projects have been closed with FEMA. At this time there are still 127 projects pending completion. FEMA has provided grant funding for Storm 2006 in the following categories:

Total amount eligible by category:

Eligible amount 75% anticipated reimbursement
from FEMA
FEMA funds received
to date
FEMA funds pending
to City
# Of projects finalized
with FEMA
Debris Clearance 3,199,687 2,399,765 161,687 2,238,079 2
Emergency Protective Measures 1,434,981 1,076,236 816,492 259,744 4
Road Systems 2,233,031 1,674,773 600,339 1,074,434 14
Water Facilities 1,348,819 1,011,614 181,451 830,163 0
Public Buildings and Equip 85,819 64,364 64,976 (612) 7

1,182,529 886,897 39,048 847,848 1
Total 9,484,866 7,113,650 1,863,992 5,249,657 28

Capital Repair/Reconstruction Priorities
The City is doing everything in its capacity to meet the needs of citizens and address the repair and reconstruction of the critical infrastructure projects in the listing below. A huge challenge remains ahead as progress continues with factors that include:
Project Design Status Repair/Reconstruction Status
(Tentative Start Dates)
601 Sunland Park Drive @ Buena Vista Channel - Repair damaged chain link and rock wall fences Complete Complete
624 De Leon - Repairs to roadway damage including curb and gutter Complete Complete
Bessemer Road - Repairs to damaged roadway Complete Complete
Bluff Canyon - Repair damaged roadway to include curb, gutter, sidewalks, pavement Complete Complete
Crestmont Channel along Sunland Park Drive - Repair damaged drainage crossing Complete Complete
Don Haskins and Rojas - Repairs to damaged roadway structure Complete Complete
Henry Brennan - Repair damaged roadway Complete Complete
Mountain Walk - Repairs to roadway damage Complete Complete
Pellicano from Lee Trevino to Lionel and Pendale @ Rojas - Repair roadway damage including curb, gutter, pavement Complete Complete
Pine Springs from South View to Loop 375 - Repair roadway damage Complete Complete
Stoney Hill - Repair roadway damage Complete Complete
Agricultural Drains - Desilt and Repair   In Progress
Bandolero Channel - Debris removal   In Progress
Cedar Oak at Pendale - Repair spillway damage   In Progress
Edgemere and Robert E Lee - Repair damaged flume in median triangle   In Progress
Helen of Troy from Resler to Redd Roadway damage to include curb, gutter, sidewalk and pavement   In Progress
Isabella and Cabrillo - Repair damaged box culvert grates, rock wall and clean-up debris   In Progress
James Watt @ Lee Trevino - Reconstruction of street and drainage damage   In Progress
Luna from La Luz to Hueco - Repair erosion damage   In Progress
Montoya Drain - Clean up erosion   In Progress
O'Keefe - Repairs to damaged spillway   In Progress
Playa Drain - Clean and restore to original grade   In Progress
Pollard Veterans Memorial Park - Repair erosion damage   In Progress
Pullman Basin - Repair spillway, erosion and desilt   In Progress
Resler Extension north of Helen of Troy - Repair to drainage channel damage and debris removal   In Progress
Whirlaway Street - Repair erosion damage   In Progress
Nemexas Drain - Clean erosion   In Progress
Pump Station Assessment and Repair   In Progress
Master Drainage Study Study Ongoing Mid 2008
Glory Road - Reconstruction of street and drainage structure to Oregon St. Complete Winter 2007
Belvidere Channel - Repair erosion damage and remove debris Underway Spring 2007
Cebada Pump Station - Repairs to electrical system and installation of automated grate cleaning system Underway Spring 2007
High Ridge and Bear Ridge Channels - Repair damage culverts, headwalls, maintenance road, rock walls, channel Underway Spring 2007
McKelligon Canyon Road - Repair roadway damage and install new culverts Underway Spring 2007
North South Freeway Channel - Repair damaged concrete structures and line remaining channel Complete Spring 2007
Thunderbird Valley Channel - Reconstruct damaged channel Complete Spring 2007
Wallenberg and Mesa Hills - Reconstruction of roadway and underground drainage system Complete Spring 2007
Clardy Fox Pump Station - Upgrade electrical control panel and install automated grate cleaning system Underway Spring 2007
Copper Queen - Reconstruct damaged spillways Underway Spring 2007
Fairbanks from NS Freeway to Electric - Repair roadway damage including curb, gutter, sidewalk and pavement Underway Spring 2007
Los Siglos Court and Lucas Marcelo Court - Reconstruction retaining structure along channel including fences Complete Spring 2007
Northgate Diversion Channel - Repair erosion damage Complete Spring 2007
Ojo de Agua Channel and Thorn Inlet Structure - Reconstruction of channel and inlet structure Underway Spring 2007
Paragon/Santa Fe/Festival Channels - Reconstruction of concrete channels Underway Spring 2007
Robinson Street - Repair roadway damage Underway Spring 2007
Thorton Street - Repair street and drainage system damage Underway Spring 2007
Westside Drainage Improvements - Improvements to Shadow Mountain, Silver Springs and the Coronado Ditch Underway Spring 2007
Canterbury Channel between Ridge Crest and Stanton - Reconstruction of damaged channel Underway Summer 2007
Colonia Escondida - New pump station to ensure drainage Underway Summer 2007
Lindberg, Redd, Mulberry, Warrior Roads - Street and drainage system reconstruction Underway Summer 2007
Modesto Channel River outfall - Improve drainage by replacing existing gravity flow system Underway Summer 2007
Ocotillo/Charl Ann - Repair street and drainage damage Underway Summer 2007
Ramona Addition - Repair street and drainage system damage Complete Summer 2007

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