Special Edition:
Mayor and City Council Adopt Bold Strategic Vision for El Paso

As part of an extensive strategic planning process, the Mayor and City Council aimed to develop quality strategic public policy goals that would assist in guiding the City organization in a more positive and productive direction. Earlier this year, the Mayor and Council ratified action plans created by City Manager Joyce Wilson and City department heads that outline how the organization will implement the City Council's identified policy goals.

This special issue of the newsletter is dedicated to providing you, the citizen, with a better understanding and an in-depth look at these new policy goals and the steps the City will take to get us there.

Strategic Policy Areas

The Mayor and City Council's Public Policy Priorities are divided up into six specific areas: Transportation, Economic Development, Citizen Involvement, Fiscal Policy, Customer Service Operations and Community Development. The following are goals and action plans that have been developed for each of the identified policy areas to facilitate implementation.

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Strategic Goal: To establish a comprehensive transportation system

Action Steps: PDF Full presentation for Transportation (Size 302KB)

Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development
Strategic Goal: To become the city with the lowest unemployment rate and highest per capita wages in the United States.

Action Steps: PDF Full presentation for Economic Development (Size 273KB)

Citizen InvolvementCitizen Involvement
Policy Goal: To facilitate opportunities for citizens to be involved in local government.

Action Steps: PDF Full presentation for Citizen Involvement (Size 308KB)

Fiscal PolicyFiscal Policy
Policy Goal: To ensure long-term financial stability and sustainability of the City government

Action Steps PDF Full presentation for Fiscal Policy (Size 288KB)

Customer Service OperationsCustomer Service Operations
Policy Goal: To become a high performing, customer-focused organization.

Action Steps: PDF Full presentation for Customer Service Operations (Size 248KB)

Community DevelopmentCommunity Development
Policy Goal: To become the most livable city in the United States and be recognized as an international city.

Action Steps: PDF Full presentation for Community Development (Size 281KB)

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