Gift to Mayor Cook Displayed

Mark Paulda, a well known photographer in the El Paso area known for designing and producing creative and distinctive special events, has presented Mayor Cook with a folio of his work. The folio features seventy 2” by 2.5” pictures of El Paso landmarks, which are featured in his book: Celebrating El Paso! Paulda’s gift is currently on display at the East wall of the Community Exhibit Program wall.

Photography has always been an interest of Mark's, but learning from world class photographers in London, England he discovered a passion behind the lens. Capturing scenes from a different perspective is key and Mark continually finds new ways to show the viewer the familiar. Additional copies of this book of El Paso images and single prints of any size are available.

I am just a regular ol' guy understanding the world frame by frame and thinking the hokey pokey is really what it's all about.— Mark Paulda