35 Natural-Gas Powered Buses on Schedule for Delivery
35 Natural-Gas Powered Buses on Schedule for Delivery The City Beat

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  • Homepage 01/31/2007

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    35 Natural-Gas Powered Buses on Schedule for Delivery

    Sun Metro is expecting several new additions to their bus fleet in the next two months. Thirty five, natural-gas powered buses purchased at a value of almost 14 million dollars are on schedule for delivery in March of this year.

    The City of El Paso contracted North American Bus Industries, Inc. (NABI), in late July, to provide thirty five, compressed natural gas (CNG) powered, forty-foot low-floor buses.


    • Accommodations for two wheelchair passengers.
    • Boarding ramp and a kneeling system compliant with ADA requirements.
    • Electronically controlled interior lighting system.
    • Two-toned flooring for the visually impaired.
    • Yellow "grab rail" (stations) for the visually impaired.
    • Exterior electronic destination signs on the front, sides, and rear of the bus.
    • Interior destination signs.
    • Interior Camera system.
    • Ergonomically designed driver's stations.
    • Larger Air Conditioning Compressor due to El Paso's hot/dry climate
    The thirty-five buses will undergo the first stages of assembly at a 21-acre bus manufacturing facility in Budapest, Hungary. The facility meets the strict requirements as outlined in ISO 9001 quality control standards and in ISO 14001 environmental management standard requirements. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are worldwide recognized quality control standards.

    The buses have already been completed and shipped to NABI's headquarters in Anniston, Alabama for final assembly. The facility installs standard American mechanical components with the same strict quality assurance requirements as in Budapest and as required by "Buy America" regulations.

    • More schedule flexibility to help improve on-time performance.
    • Fuel technology (CNG) will help provide more environmentally sound transportation services.
    • Arrival of 35 buses will bring fleet up to 85 buses that are either new or recently renovated.
    • Sun Metro is looking to the future and expects to purchase an additional 50 new buses by 2009.

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