Neighborhood Leadership Academy Participants Recognized
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Participants Recognized The City Beat

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    Neighborhood Leadership Academy Participants Recognized

    Participants of the Neighborhood Leadership Academy were recently recognized for their commitment and dedication during the 16 week course meeting once a week.

    There are 42 participants in the Academy and one of the participants, Mr. Robert Arriola described the experience as a benefit to all who participated. He stated that he learned a lot about the City and what it offers. He also learned enough to enable him to help the City and one day maybe even run for office. Graduation is set for sometime in March of this year.

    The goal of the Neighborhood Leadership Academy is to provide residents with information and knowledge so they may have equitable input on issues and policies affecting City Government. This program shapes the confidence of citizens who want to be knowledgeable of how City services and policy decisions operate and to also promote their individual purpose within civic and community affairs.

    The Academy provides residents with practical skills in developing and organizing a neighborhood association and by empowering participants to focus on quality of life issues identified through a consensus building process with their neighbors. The El Paso City Council passed a citizen involvement policy to facilitate opportunities for citizens to be involved in local government and one of the goals is to establish the Neighborhood Leadership Academy for non-traditional leaders.

    Objectives of the Neighborhood Leadership Academy are:

    • To recruit non-traditional leaders
    • Offer participants the needed skill set to become effective neighborhood advocates and community leaders
    • Promote diversity within civic engagement and the decision making process
    • Enroll 40 to 50 participants
    • Ensure participants gain an understanding of new urbanism and smart growth principles
    • Offer a comprehensive curriculum with specific topics related to City services and personal development skills
    The Neighborhood Leadership Academy aims to produce a creative learning environment by presenting comprehensive information from specific departments serving the City of El Paso.

    Participants have received valuable insight and information from the following City Departments:
    • El Paso International Airport
    • Community and Human Development
    • Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • City Clerk's Office
    • City Manager and Elected Officials
    • Developmental Services
    • Economic Development
    • Environmental Services
    • Fire Department
    • General Services
    • El Paso City-County Health & Environmental District
    • Library
    • Museum and Cultural Affairs Department
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Police Department
    • Sun Metro
    • Street Department
    • Traffic Engineering
    • UTEP Center for Civic Engagement

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