Sun Metro Recognized Employee at Mass Transit Board Meeting for Heroic Efforts

Sun Metro recognized one of its Coach Operators, Alejandro Lugo, for his heroic efforts at the Mass Transit Board Meeting, Tuesday, November 28, 2006.

On November 16, 2006 Sun Metro received a call from a member of the public to commend one of the Coach Operators. The caller, Ms. Carrillo, stated that that she had been traveling eastbound on Montana with her son and another six-year-old child when her car stalled on the railroad tracks on Willow. In a distance, the train could be heard but Ms. Carrillo was unable to move her car.

At that time the Sun Metro Route 35 was traveling through the area and the driver, Alejandro Lugo, stopped to see if Ms. Carrillo needed assistance.

Mr. Lugo immediately called 911 to request assistance from the Police Department, a tow truck and possible notification sent to the train operator. When help had not arrived, Mr. Lugo and all of the male passengers on the bus lifted the car and moved it off of the tracks to safety.

Ms. Carrillo apologized profusely for making Mr. Lugo late. At the same time, she was thankful for going above the call of duty.

"Mr. Lugo's quick actions prevented a potential serious accident. We are very proud of Mr. Lugo and congratulate him. We commend him for his exceptional customer service, for projecting a positive image for Sun Metro in the community, for his outstanding work and for his exceptional service," said Tim Omick, Director Sun Metro.