City Charter Review and Update

Recently, the Mayor and City Council agreed to undertake a review of the City's Charter and to determine whether to call for a Charter election in May 2007 along with the City Council district elections. A citizen review panel was organized to work in conjunction with the Council Rules Legislative Review Committee. A number of meetings have already taken place, in order to bring forward a recommendation to the full City Council by mid-February 2007.

Earlier this year, City management undertook an administrative and operational review of the City Charter and drafted several suggested amendments. These proposals were discussed with a City Employees Work Group that included representatives from the Police and Fire Associations, City Employees Association, Public Service Board / Water Utilities representation and several managers and supervisors - as it was important to test that changes to flag any major objections or concerns before it went forward. In essence, the changes attempt to address items in the Charter that were not adjusted to conform to the last Charter change, which created the Council-Manager form of government, adjust the City Charter where it conflicts with State law and to modernize provisions where there are opportunities to create cost savings and efficiencies.

To review a copy of the current charter with proposed changes, please go to the City's homepage at and click on the City Charter Review link.