Local Developer and The Frontera Land Alliance Team Up with City

Over the years, stormwater flowing from El Cajon Drive had carved deep gullies into the wall of the canyon, and this erosion was greatly expanded by the intense storm events of 2006. When Hunt Communities began construction of the Resler Ridge Subdivision, just above the canyon, an opportunity arose to mitigate the problem by diverting water from El Cajon to flow into Hunt’s newly-constructed storm-water drainage system. Members of The Frontera Land Alliance approached Hunt Communities and the City of El Paso with an idea to work together to alleviate the problem. Hunt’s engineers determined that the Resler Ridge drainage system could handle the additional stormwater, and the City designed the structures that will channel water away from the canyon, solidifying this collaborated effort.

Some highlights of this partnership include:

“This is a great example of the development community working with its neighbors for the good of the city as a whole, and we strongly applaud the collaborated efforts of Hunt Communities and The Frontera Land Alliance,” said Rick Conner, Director of Engineering Services for the City of El Paso.

Justin Chapman, Vice President of Development for Hunt Communities, said, “We have received numerous memos and emails of thanks for our efforts in this joint project, and we certainly appreciate that recognition.” He added, “The reality is that Hunt Communities encourages smart-growth planning and development for our City. Our decision to participate in this effort is part of that mission – we think protecting the Wakeem-Teschner Nature Preserve is an example of our smart-growth philosophy. We’re happy to do this, and we thank the City as well as The Frontera Land Alliance for their participation.”

In December 2005, The Frontera Land Alliance, a private non-profit land trust, purchased the 91-acre Resler Canyon from Hunt Development Company. Dr. Richard V. Teschner, a UTEP professor of linguistics, donated $1.87 million to finance the purchase. The canyon is now known officially as the “Charlie Wakeem/Richard Teschner Nature Preserve of Resler Canyon” and is open for the enjoyment of all El Pasoans.