Update: Curbside Recycling Program
Update: Curbside Recycling Program The City Beat

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  • Homepage 01/31/2007

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    Update: Curbside Recycling Program

    When does it start? What is the timeline?

    • The program has really already started!!!
    • We have already broke ground on the "Friedman of El Paso Material Recovery Facility" (recycling site) on Monday, December 4th, which will be located at 5835 Wren in Northeast El Paso
    • The facility should be completed in March 2007.
    • When does it start? What is the timeline? The distribution of the blue recycling bins began in January, citywide.
    • This will encompass 160,000 households
    • An estimated 10,000 to 12,000 will be distributed every week.
    Why is recycling important to our community?
    • El Paso is one of the largest communities that does not actively recycle
    • National average of participation in recycling programs is 35%, El Paso is currently at only 2%
    • By recycling, we save valuable resources in El Paso
    • For example, we can save: 595,000 trees, 115,500 cubic yards of landfill space
    What can be recycled?
    • Aluminum cans
    • Tin cans--they are really made out of steel such as dog food cans and green bean cans.
    • #1 & #2 plastics that include plastic milk containers, household cleaning agent containers (Windex, top job, Mr. Clean, dish washing soap)
    • Magazines, Newspaper
    • Junk mail, Phone Books
    • Anything that "tears" We call it "Tearable"!! (PUN)
    Any other rules we need to know about?
    • No liquids
    • No food
    • No glass
    • No electronics (computers, etc)
    • These still need to go to the Citizen Drop Off sites
    Will the Citizen Drop-Off Sites still remain open?
    • The six drop off sites will remain open for residents to take HHW (Household hazardous waste)
    • Extra trash and large items such as sofas, TVs, etc.
    For more information please call Environmental Services at 621-6700.

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