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    New Initiatives for Sun Metro

    The closing of one year and the awakening of another bring new light to Sun Metro. During 2006, the El Paso community will see many projects come to fruition that have been under development. Over $41 million dollars in Capital projects will be partially or fully completed during the year.

    • Union Depot Upgrades Phase I & Phase II $1,000,000.00
    • International Transit Terminal $12,000,000.00
    • Far Eastside Transit Terminal $2,509,000.00
    • Westside Transit Terminal $2,311,000.00
    • Mission Valley Transit Terminal $4,900,000.00
    • Mesa Street Transit Terminal $9,844,000.00
    • Real Time Displays - San Jacinto Plaza Area $300,000.00
    • Restoration / Relocation of Mandy the Mule $390,000.00
    • Maintenance Facility Mezzanine $170,000.00
    • Great Streets - Dyer $2,273,000.00
    • Great Streets - Mesa $1,250,000.00
    • Great Streets - Alameda $1,250,000.00
    • Great Streets - North Loop $1,225,400.00
    • Great Streets - Montana $1,250,000.00
    The New Year will also bring new initiatives -- the implementation of International Bus Service, the development of an Area Rapid Transit System, new cost saving fare options, community partnerships and improved service.
    • Elimination of Transfers - Sun Metro proposes to eliminate "Transfers" on all fixed routes effective February 1, 2006. Transfers are currently sold for $0.10 each. A Day Pass will be offered as a new alternative to the Transfer. The monthly pass is also an option for customers.
    • New Fixed Route Day Pass - Sun Metro plans to offer customers the new Day Pass on all Fixed Routes effective February 1, 2006. This new pass will be valid the entire day purchased, with unlimited rides and transfers included. The cost of the pass will be $2.00. This pass is an alternative to the Transfers & will allow passengers more freedom to travel.
    • International Bus Service - An update on the status of the International Sun Metro Area Rapid Transit system (ISMART) will be provided.
    • Area Rapid Transit Service - Premium service will be offered from Downtown to UTEP. This will be part of the ISMART system.
    • LIFT Fares - Effective Jan. 1, 2006, the cost for the LIFT will increase from $1.50 to $2.00 per one-way trip. Discounted tickets will also be available when purchased in bulk: 20 rides for $35, 30 rides for $50 and 50 for $80.
    • LIFT scheduling - Sun Metro LIFT Services Paratransit Service will implement an "Advanced Booking" Modification Plan for trip scheduling on the LIFT. With the beginning of the New Year, Sun Metro will only book trips seven (7) days in advance instead of fourteen (14). These changes will be implemented for greater efficiencies and improved service.
    It would not all be complete without a celebration. Sun Metro and community partners are planning the Union Depot's 100th Year Birthday, expected to be celebrated in February. Sun Metro is excited to share great advancements and new opportunities with the people of both El Paso and Ciudad Juárez in the coming year.

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