Airport Offers Real Time Flight Information

Flight View Monitor (FVM) is an innovative service that allows people awaiting a flight the ability to view the aircraft's position in real time. FVM is available to the public in the Airport's meeter/greeter area, displayed on two wide-screen TV monitors.

FVM displays a map of the United States with El Paso in the center. All inbound flights that are currently in the air are displayed on the map as small blue airplanes; outbound flights are marked as red airplanes. Each of these markers have a block of information attached that shows the flight number, the departure and destination airport codes, and the actual departure and estimated arrival times. Updated data is received every 5 minutes or less directly from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

You can also access FVM from home by going to the Airport's website: Click on the Flight View Monitor logo and the map will appear on your computer.