Curbside Recycling News

Environmental Services is currently reviewing bids to provide curbside recycle collection and the processing of collected recyclable materials. The Department contracted R W Beck, a prestigious and respected environmental firm, to develop a request for bids. Potential bidders were asked to provide bids for one, or both of the requested services: collection and material processing. The provider of the collection service will be paid on a per household basis while the material processor will be required to share revenues from the sale of materials with the City. Every residential household will be supplied with a blue cart and participation in the weekly collection will be voluntary. However, participants will be required to store only recyclables in the recycling carts. Greater volumes of recyclables will generate greater revenues from material sales. The revenues will be shared between the City and the contractor. The revenue sharing formula provides incentives to encourage the processing contractor to encourage greater household participation and minimize the contamination of the recyclables with residential trash.

Curbside collection is scheduled to start in January 2007. The Department is currently working on means to subsidize the costs through increased efficiencies and savings. More information about this new service will be forthcoming in the very near future.