City of El Paso Launches Community Newsletter to Keep You Informed

In an effort to continue improvements to customer service and better inform the citizens of El Paso, the City will be sending out its monthly community newsletter, entitled The City Beat. Current events, department information and other articles that contain information that directly affects or is of interest to the community will be featured. We want to keep you updated on all that is going on throughout your City and keep you apprised of those events that have a direct effect on you, the resident.

The City is in the midst of launching a Customer Service Campaign targeted at providing every citizen of El Paso with quality service and information on current events and initiatives taking place within the City to better inform and serve the people.

So be on the look out for new and upcoming issues to be sent to you. Newsletter Features:

Upcoming City Meetings & Events:

Major Issues:

Public Safety & Health:

Development & Infrastructure:


Quality of Life:

Financial & Administrative Services:

General Information:

Coming up in the next community newsletter