Changes in Title 7 and What This Means for Citizens
Changes in Title 7 and What This Means for Citizens The City Beat

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    Changes in Title 7 and What This Means for Citizens

    Unclear about the ordinance that represents the City of El Paso's rabies prevention and control (a.k.a. Title 7) efforts? Let me see if I can be of assistance. Quick facts for 2005:

    1. Over 20,000 (@55 per day) pets were killed last year at Animal Control;
    2. Over 24,000 pets were impounded (@ 66 per day - we say pets because the majority are owned or cared for);
    3. Less than 12% were returned to their owners (due no tags, no identification);
    4. Less than 30% of owned dogs and cats are registered and appropriately vaccinated against rabies;
    5. Nearly 5,000 bite and cruelty investigations were conducted (@ 13 per day); and
    6. Taxpayers spent over $1.5 million catching and killing animals - unacceptable.
    These statistics are alarming and uncalled for as they are indicative of violations of state and local laws (@ 70% of dogs and cats are not registered nor vaccinated) placing the public and their pet's health in jeopardy. As a community, we must step up to the plate and take immediate action just as the Board of Health and the Mayor and City Council have done by passing the recent legislation. We must continue to combat the stray animal issues leading to bites and cruelty, intended or otherwise. We must continue addressing the pet over population problem in our communities.

    It is time for all of us to become more responsible pet owners. Title 7 will offer us tools to assist with compliance and addresses the following:
    • Strengthening animal care standards
    • Alignment of ordinance language with State standards
    • Addressing dangerous dogs and animals
    • Addressing use of restraint devices (must not harm or be injurious)
    • Addressing use of poison to rid areas of birds or other nuisances
    • Creation of a consumer appeal process for permit/license revocations
    • Addressing sales of animals (no longer allowed roadside or at flea markets
    • Addressing breeding of animals (litter permit required for small fee, must have within 10 working days of birth, allows for 2 liters per year per female)
    • Addressing Micro-chipping (Implementation April 1, 2006, receive at the next visit to the veterinarian but no later than April 1, 2007)
    • Implementing 3- year rabies protocol (Based upon State regulations, offers veterinarians an option for a one or three year)
    To view the entire ordinance, please visit: or

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