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    Do Business With the City From Your Home!

    The City of El Paso has numerous features aimed at making citizens' requests and transactions easier.

    Bid Info Online
    The City of El Paso Financial Services Department-Purchasing Division has launched a website dedicated to vendors who wish to do business with the City. The El Paso Bids Online website is headquarters for conveniently located and detailed information about bidding opportunities. The Purchasing Division purchases and contracts for a wide variety of supplies, services, equipment and expert assistance to provide our community with a full range of municipal services and programs. The Purchasing Division is responsible for the centralized procurement of goods and technical or maintenance services for the City of El Paso, Sun Metro, El Paso International Airport and the City-County Health District.

    This website includes many features to assist you in doing business with the City of El Paso. We encourage you to sign up to receive our bidMail service, which automatically sends a listing of solicitations to your inbox every week. Bids and all amendments (non-construction) can be downloaded from our "Solicitations" page. All that is required is that you visit the "Sign Up and Sign In" page to sign up for this service. The "Conference and Meetings" page will list any pre-bid or other related meetings for a solicitation. A complete listing of bid tabs is available for download on the "Bid Tabs" Page. A convenient "Bid Search" feature will allow you to search solicitations by a keyword. The "Forms" page contains a vendor set up form (please note that it is not a requirement to be on the City's vendor list to submit a bid). The "Policies", "FAQ's" (frequently asked questions) and "Glossary" pages also contain valuable information for vendors. Please visit the Bids Online located at the City of El Paso website, to take advantage of this great business tool.

    On-line Employment Info
    The City's Human Resources Department offers on-line employment information to the public. Individuals who are interested in employment with the City are able to sign up for an email listing of the City's employment opportunities. In this weekly email, customers are able to read the job description, check starting salary and download employment forms. They can also fill out an application at their convenience. If you have not already signed up, please do so today. You can sign up by going to the City's website,, click on City Jobs, then click on "job mailing list subscribe now" and enter your email address. After completing this information, you will begin receiving the weekly job email.

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