Vol. 8, Issue 9
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This Issue


The City of El Paso Department of Public Health has determined that certain babies born at Providence Memorial Hospital during the time of September 1, 2013, to August 16, 2014, may have had close contact with a healthcare worker who has since been diagnosed with Active Tuberculosis (TB). The Department of Public Health has created a webpage to provide easy access to parents of these children, as well as all members of the community who may be interested in learning more about our investigation and about TB in general. Please visit http://home.elpasotexas.gov/health/tb-information.php for updated information, press releases, and informative videos.


El Paso’s highly anticipated Rapid Transit System, Brio, will begin service on Monday, October 27, 2014.
Sun Metro officials are preparing to host a grand opening ceremony on Oct. 27. Details for the event will be released at a later date.
Testing and finishing touches on the Sun Metro Brio Rapid Transit System (RTS) are nearing completion.
Contractors will continue working at several locations along the corridor to provide enhanced pedestrian connectivity which will supplement Brio. This project, managed by the City of El Paso’s Engineering and Construction Management Department, is set for completion in February 2015.
Brio will introduce El Pasoans to a high-quality transit service that offers similar benefits to light rail transit, such as improved speed and reliability, but at a much lower implementation cost.
Brio will have various amenities to include uniquely branded 60-foot articulated buses in mixed traffic; a high frequency (10 minutes at peak/15 minutes at off-peak); stations that are about a mile apart; branded and landscaped stations; and signal prioritization (lengthen green traffic signals).
Construction along the Mesa Street corridor—the first of four corridors (Mesa, Alameda, Dyer and Montana)—began in June 2013. The Mesa Brio, which has 22 stations, will begin at the Downtown Transfer Center, 601 Santa Fe, travel along Santa Fe, Franklin, Oregon, Mesa and end at the Westside Transfer Center, 7535 Remcon. The total project cost for the Mesa Brio is $27.1 million, of which $13.5 million is funded by the Federal Transit Administration.
The Sun Metro Brio will use modern, rubber-tire, high capacity, articulated vehicles. The vehicles will have a frequency of 10 minutes during peak service and 15 minutes during off-peak Monday through Friday, a 20-minute frequency on Saturday, and no service on Sunday. The low-floor Brio vehicles will run on compressed natural gas, have three doors for faster boarding, free Wi-Fi, two TV monitors for passenger information, three interior bicycle racks, two wheel-chair positions and signal prioritization (lengthen green traffic signals).
The Brio stations are distinctly branded, offer shade screens, free Wi-Fi, landscaping, a real-time arrival sign, a 17-foot high pylon, benches, bike racks, a BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor and a ticket vending machine to allow for an improved and faster fare collection process.
For more information about the Sun Metro Brio, visit sunmetrobrio.net.
For more information about Sun Metro, visit sunmetro.net or call (915)212-3333. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/sunmetro or follow us on Twitter @SunMetro.



Local construction firms will now be given preference on some city construction projects, following the approval of a policy today by El Paso City Council.
It is an extension of the "Hire El Paso First" policy which council approved for purchasing earlier this year.
Under the newly adopted policy, place of business will be considered when selecting contractors through the following procurement methods:
  • Construction manager-at-risk
  • Competitive sealed proposal
  • Design-Build
  • Public Private Partnership
Those procurement methods, approved previously by city council, acknowledge that - in some cases - expertise, approach, and other qualifications should be considered along with price. With the adoption of this policy, place of business will be among the other qualifications considered by evaluators.
State law does not allow municipalities to consider place of business when awarding construction contracts through the traditional "lowest bidder" approach.
Become a registered Certified Local Business with the City of El Paso. Complete the registration process along with payment online. Firms which are not registered are not eligible for award under this policy.
Click here to register.
Under the policy, local preference will be exercised in the following scenarios:
  • Award to Tier 1 Local Bidder who is within 5 points of highest ranked Offeror and price is within 5% of bid amount
  • Award to Tier 2 Local Bidder who is within 5 points of highest ranked Offeror and price is within 2.5% of bid amount
  • Both rules must apply in order for Tier 1 or 2 local business to bump highest ranked Offeror
  • Definitions of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Local Bidder are in accordance with the previously adopted Hire El Paso First purchasing policy, which can be found here.


When San Jacinto Plaza re-opens in early 2015, the centerpiece of Downtown will be a unique, exciting, artful focal point for the city’s historic urban core. That commitment to creating a unique space extends all the way to the 40,000 custom pavers which will make up the walkways, seating areas, and gathering spots in the plaza. Installation of those pavers begins this week.
The work is part of the project to fully reconstruct the plaza including updated amenities, dozens of additional trees, a splash pad, huacha court, and full service café.
Crews have removed thousands of square feet of concrete from the plaza as well as tons of concrete which made up the structure of subterranean bathrooms along the south side of the plaza.  Other underground work has included installation of irrigation lines.
Above ground, crews are working on the concrete structure to support a 50-square-foot shade canopy designed to protect Luis Jimenez’ Los Lagartos sculpture. The sculpture is presently being restored in Ohio.
The project is funded in part by the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds. Stay up-to-date on project progress by visiting BuildingTomorrowTogether.com and clicking on San Jacinto Plaza. Once there, you can sign up sign up for direct email updates, read the project manager’s blog, and watch construction via the live construction cam.


On Neighborhood Priorities and Suggestions on
How Federal Funds Should Be Allocated
City of El Paso Consolidated Plan 2015-2020
The City of El Paso’s Department of Community and Human Development is seeking public input on the priorities related to neighborhood issues and suggestions on how federal funding allocated to the department should be utilized.
The City of El Paso receives an annual allocation of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These funds are intended to create viable communities by providing incentives to develop and support safe and decent housing, affordable rental housing and home ownership affordability; fund public services, physical improvements and economic development; assist homeless shelters by funding to pay for renovations, operating expenses, essential services and homelessness prevention activities; housing assistance and related supportive services to benefit persons with AIDS.
To receive funding from HUD, the City of El Paso must develop a Consolidated Plan that identifies priorities and objectives for addressing the community’s needs over the next five years. As part of this process, the City of El Paso is seeking public input to determine whether the priorities listed in the current five year plan are still appropriate.
The public is encouraged to assist us by filling out this anonymous survey and provide us with your input.
Surveys are located in the Department of Community and Human Development homepage at:
Please pass this along to your family and friends so they may have an opportunity to provide their input.


This award represents the commitment and validation of the Mayor, City Council and City Manager to our community the ongoing efforts to implement best practices, leverage technology and transform citywide procurement to the highest standards of professionalism, innovation and sound fiscal stewardship. Several of the best practices include but are not limited to the following areas:
  • Creation of an Electronic Market Place (electronic catalog)
  • Internal procurement automation via online requisitioning electronic workflow approvals
  • Forthcoming Virtual information Officer
  • Electronic web based “How to do Business with the City” tutorials
Staff Development and training:
  • Hosting national NIGP trainings
  • Staff certifications and training
Business and Vendor Management
  • Electronic notification of bid opportunities
  • Hosting vendor outreach forums and informational workshops regarding our competitive bidding processes
  • Nationally recognized Hire El Paso First – Local Bid Preference Ordinance
All of the efforts are implemented with the desired outcome of expediting the procurement and delivery of quality goods and services to the citizens of El Paso. In the interim we will continue to measure our growth against the award criteria and look forward to changing the paradigm in the way the City does business.


Sun Metro was presented with three South West Transit Association (SWTA) Spotlight awards at the 26th Annual Spotlight Award Ceremony during the Transit Marketing conference in Norman, Oklahoma.
Sun Metro claimed one, first place Hit the Spot award; as well as two second place awards.
The first place prize was in the Print Media category for the Welcome Back print ad which was part of the January 2014 issue of the UTEP Prospector. The print ad aimed to educate local college students about Routes 70 and 75 which service the east side and university areas.
The first, second place prize was in the Social Media category for the Sun Metro Brio microsite which was created to inform the public about the upcoming service, the construction, the amenities, answer questions and outline future projects. To view the microsite visit: www.sunmetrobrio.net
The final, second place finish was in the Event category for the Brio Press Conference which was held on May 22, 2014. The press conference was held to show off the first completed Brio station at Oregon near Glory Road, as well as the arrival of 10 new Brio articulated buses.
The award entries were evaluated by a group of independent marketing professionals from across the region. The Spotlight Award competition honors outstanding work for a total transit marketing campaign. Entries are judged on impact or success relative to cost, overall campaign presentation, execution, message, quality of production and effectiveness.

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