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The Department of Community + Human Development (DCHD) has some exciting news… and wants to hear from you!

DCHD is excited to reveal the top project submissions for its 2019-2020 Large-Scale Public Facilities Process! It is asking all citizens to provide their feedback on which of these projects they would like to see happen in our community!

Your opinion is essential to the planning process as it allows our team to get direct input from you and other citizens on what improvements you feel are much needed. With everyone’s participation, DCHD is better able to express what City of El Paso residents wants in their neighborhoods.

All of these proposals provide a deep impact to our community in different ways. Below is a summary for each of the top large-scale projects, once you are done you may vote via the link at the bottom of this page.

 1  COEP Libraries – Clardy Fox Library Renovation and Expansion

Scope of Work: Expand computer lab, create new Teen Hangout area, create two small meeting rooms, and remodel room into a kitchen.

Why is this project important to the community?
“The El Paso Public Library system does not simply build collections of books and other library materials but we also build communities; we are a place to read, socialize and offer lifelong learning opportunities.”

Martha Andrade, El Paso Public Library Clardy Fox Branch Manager

 2  COEP Parks and Recreation – Hidden Valley Park Improvements

Scope of Work: Add new parking facility, improvements to existing spray park, install permanent restroom facility, add extra park amenities

Why is this project important to the community?
“The Hidden Valley Spray Park is highly visited by families in the lower valley area of El Paso, yet unfortunately the park lacks permanent accessible restroom facilities and adequate parking. These new improvements will greatly benefit the community by reducing congestion, offering suitable sanitary and safety public restrooms, and providing a higher quality experience in general.”

Tracy Novak, Director, City of El Paso Parks and Recreation

 3  COEP Parks and Recreation – Riverside Neighborhood Improvements

Scope of Work: Installation along Vocational Drive of a walking path with xeriscape/landscape, and decorative fence with downlights; construction of a 40-space permeable parking lot adjacent to Riverside Park; additional amenities at Riverside Park; and additional amenities at Vocational Park.

Why is this project important to the community?
“The Riverside Neighborhood Improvements project will consist of an accessible trail to connect Riverside and Vocational Parks with additional amenities to both parks, and will greatly benefit and positively impact the community of Riverside. This accessible trail will encourage the community of all ages to participate in physical activity such as walking, jogging, and cycling thereby improving their physical and mental health and quality of life in general.”

Tracy Novak, Director, City of El Paso Parks and Recreation

 4  El Paso Child Guidance Center – Center Renovation and Expansion

Scope of Work: Work includes additional counseling offices, ADA-compliant restrooms, hallways and entrances, and additional office space for therapy and psychiatric care.

Why is this project important to the community?
“The El Paso Child Guidance Center wants to provide more mental health to kids and families in our community. We desperately need to improve and expand our facility to reach our goal – help us help more kids.”

Cathy Gaytan, Executive Director, El Paso Child Guidance Center

 5  El Pasoans Fighting Hunger – Food Bank Expansion

Scope of Work: Build El Paso’s only state-of-the-art 3,500 sq. ft. community kitchen and 1,500 sq. ft. teaching kitchen at food bank; construct interactive learning spaces.

Why is this project important to the community?
"The Food Bank needs your vote for a community kitchen to feed more hungry neighbors in need, eliminate local food waste and ensure our community is prepared to provide healthy meals in the event of a disaster."

Susan Goodell, Chief Executive Officer, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

 6  Emergence Health Network – Main Campus Renovation

Scope of Work: Revitalize buildings’ three floors, including expansion of a detox center, work stations for EPPD Crisis Intervention Team, painting and flooring of entire building, new roof, and window unit replacement; exterior improvements to include walkways, small green space, new fencing, repave parking lot and mural on north side of building.
Why is this project important to the community?
“Emergence Health Network has worked to provide the community with critical mental health services for the past 50 years. With the renovation of its principal campus, which provides lifesaving crisis services to individuals with mental illness, EHN can continue to serve El Pasoans for decades to come”

Kristen D. Daugherty, Chief Executive Officer, Emergence Health Network

 7  HACEP – Blue Flame Renovations and Aztec Calendar Park Re-Design

Scope of Work: Construct a 360 degree observatory deck and café on the 17th floor of the Blue Flame building; build out 2,940 sq. ft. of the first floor of the Blue Flame building with an emphasis on installation and delivery of state-of-the-art telecommunications, audio and visual systems for the Center for Civic Engagement; and modifications to Aztec Calendar Plaza to be more expansive with artistic concepts along with the existing Aztec calendar and memorial monuments.

Why is this project important to the community?
“An outdoor observation sky deck, a rooftop café, a ground-floor community room, and a renovated downtown park – all in one project. The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso is proposing to convert the 17th floor of the historic Blue Flame Building into a 360 degree observation deck and café and build a state-of-the-art community meeting room on the ground floor. These new publicly available features will be connected by a pathway to a larger, expanded, and renovated Aztec Calendar Park, which is on the new streetcar line. A project that will be another major boost to the quality of life for businesses, residents, families, and travelers at the heart of downtown El Paso.”

Gerald Cichon, Chief Executive Officer, HACEP 

 8  Opportunity Center for the Homeless – Offender Resource Center Construction

Scope of Work: Construct twenty single room occupancy units as supportive housing.

Why is this project important to the community?
“The Opportunity Center for the Homeless will create a resource center for the homeless, with a singular focus on individuals that have been incarcerated, to include 20 SRO (Single Room Occupancy) units as supportive housing. The Opportunity Center for the Homeless (OC) will partner with the County of El Paso, Office of Re-entry for the provision of intensive case management services in support of re-integration into the community. Individuals returning from jail or prison face barriers to finding stable housing and employment due to legal restrictions and discrimination against those with criminal records, mental health and substance abuse concerns, and lack basic needs.”

Raymond Tullius, Executive Director, Opportunity Center for the Homeless

 9  Opportunity Center for the Homeless – Women’s Resource Center Addition

Scope of Work: Addition of twenty-one single room occupancy units through the addition of a second floor.

Why is this project important to the community?
“The Opportunity Center for the Homeless will create 21 supportive housing units for homeless, single women to stabilize the population, allowing them to re-integrate into the community. Support is provided, in conjunction with housing, through intensive case management that is focused on individual needs that result from domestic violence, substance abuse, mental and chronic health concerns, and developmental and physical disabilities.”

Raymond Tullius, Executive Director, Opportunity Center for the Homeless

10 YWCA – Shirley Leavell Branch Rehabilitation

Scope of Work: Rehabilitation to include roof replacement, conversion to refrigerated air, electrical upgrades, lighting, concrete floor work, and painting.

Why is this project important to the community?
“YWCA’s Shirley Leavell branch is a place where thousands of El Pasoans have reached their health and wellness goals, watched their children grow, and found a community and family. This building is an integral part of the lives of countless community members and improving it will only serve to improve the community and the lives of those who utilize YWCA’s services.”

Dr. Sylvia Y. Acosta, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA

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