City's Bicycle Projects

The City of El Paso is enhancing the connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclist in El Paso through bicycle and pedestrian enhancement projects.  Three of those projects, which were recently completed, are known as “Hike and Bike” projects, and are located along the following routes:

  • Independence Drive between Yarbrough Drive and Whittier Drive

  • Viscount Boulevard between Montwood Drive and Ponder Park 

  • River Bend Drive between Frontera Road and Turnstone Drive

Projects like these are enhancing the safety of its users by providing the development of a dedicated pedestrian and bicycle corridor within the City’s parkway.  These dedicated bicycle and pedestrian routes are also improving the visual image of the area with the addition of new trees for shade during hot summer months, landscaping and lighting.

Have a look at the recently constructed hike and bike projects, which turned this empty and unused parkway into a visually appealing and safe bicycle corridor. 

- Independence Drive Hike and Bike Project -

- Viscount Boulevard Hike and Bike Project -

- River Bend Drive Hike and Bike Project -

All three Hike and Bike projects are part of the City of El Paso's commitment to enhance El Paso's regional comprehensive transportation system, and the quality of life for residents, business and visitors alike.

Resler Buffered Bike Lane

The Resler Buffered Bike Lane project with an approximate total budget of $ 325,800 consisted of the development of a buffered bike facility (lane) along Resler Drive from Helen of Troy Drive to Belvidere Street in both directions of travel. The following bicycle facilities were included as part of the project:

  • A 6-foot bike lane with a 3-foot buffer
  • Narrowing and re-striping of existing travel lanes along Resler Drive in order to accommodate a safe bicycle lane
  • New intersection striping

The Resler Buffered Bike Lane  is one of the newest bike lanes to enhance our transportation network. 

 - Resler Bufferred Bike Lane Project -

Springwood Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Projects

Another project which will enhance El Paso's biking network is the Bicycle and Pedestrian Roadway Improvements project that is currently in development for Springwood Drive, Sumac Drive, Trawood Drive and Yarbrough Drive.

Along the project’s limits some areas will be receiving the following amenities and services:

  • Re-striping of existing travel lanes in order to accommodate a safe bicycle lane
  • A bike lane with appropriate markings and signage delineating the bicycle route
  • Intersection striping and audible pedestrian crosswalk signals   
  • Resurfacing of existing pavement in order to allow for implementation of bike lanes
  • Bike boxes and green paint for conflict areas

The Bicycle and Roadway Improvements project has an approximate budget of $316,000, and is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance El Paso’s regional transportation system.

Edgemere Hike and Bike Trail

The Edgemere Hike and Bike Trail is funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and supports the development of a pedestrian and bicycle corridor along Edgemere Boulevard just to the east of Geronimo Drive and to the west of Robert E. Lee Road.  The project consists of the construction of 10 ft. pedestrian and bicycle path with trees, vegetation, new lighting, a park bench, a trash receptacle, and ADA compliant ramps.  

Have a look at what the City is planning in this area of El Paso:

About Bike Boxes

"Bike Boxes" are now being implemented as part of several projects including the Pebble Hills Extension project, the Wren Avenue Street Reconstruction project, and for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements project for Springwood Drive, Sumac Drive, Trawood Drive and Yarbrough Drive.  These bike boxes are relatively new to the El Paso area, and motorists and bicyclist will have to be sure to follow all the rules and guidelines listed in the image below when approaching a bike box.

To help motorists and bicycles learn the rules of interaction with one another at a bike box, the City of El Paso's Bike Plan and Program has created these informative videos to help educate the public. Education was a key component during the creation of the City's new Bike Plan.  

Bike Box English: 

Bike Box Spanish:

Two Stage Turn Box English:

Two Stage Turn Box Spanish:

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