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The City of El Paso has implemented a new wellness program to help motivate employees to live a healthier lifestyle. SHAPE IT UP El Paso consists of different components or plans that will lead city employees to a healthier and happier life. The program is available to all non-uniformed and uniformed police employees eligible to enroll in City of El Paso’s Health Plan.

Wellness Plan #1: Shape It Up!

Shape It Up! consists of a Fitness Incentive and a Biometric Incentive. 

Fitness Incentive

Employees participate in six physical fitness tests where an overall average score is determined. 

Where will you stand?

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Fitness Score Charts

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Registration Instructions for Uniform Police and Non-Uniform City Employees

Registration Instructions for El Paso Water Utility Employees

The Biometric Incentive (Fitness Incentive Alternative)

The Biometric Incentive is the alternative to the Fitness Incentive program. Employees take a biometric test to learn their health status as it pertains to eight major risk factors that contribute to poor health conditions. Submission periods for this incentive are monthly. 

Wellness Plan #2: Fitness Membership

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The Fitness Membership incentive consists of being a member of a Gym or Fitness Program and submitting your gym attendance for an opportunity to receive money by meeting the monthly requirement. Submission period for this incentive is twice a year - January and July. 

Monthly Wellness Trainings

This Wellness Program is a pilot program being reviewed and subject to change as needed and without prior notification. Please contact Human Resources ~ Benefit Services Office at (915) 212-1275 if you have any questions regarding this wellness program.