Please visit the website below for an interactive and user-friendly explanation on Health Care Reform and how it affects you as a City of El Paso Employee, Retiree under 65 years and eligible dependents.

Form 1095C - Health Insurance

You don’t need the 1095C to file your taxes; but once you receive the 1095C from the City of El Paso, keep it with your 2016 tax records.  If you are eligible for benefits and work over 30 hours a week you should be receiving a 1095C in the near future!  The IRS extended the deadline to March 2, 2017.   You will also be able to print your 1095C ACA in self-service on March 2, 2017. For printing instructions click here.

If your tax preparer needs proof of your health insurance, payments are referenced on your W-2.  The amount paid by the City of El Paso is noted in box 12 with a reference of DD.  Payments made by you are referenced in box 14 as “ATax Ins” or “PTax Ins”.  When you receive your 1095C, keep it with your tax documents for future reference.

Click on this link for more information on form 1095C. If you have additional questions, please email Human Resources - Benefit Services at


Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

HELPFUL LINKS & INFORMATION: website for the Marketplace (Exchange):
Marketplace Call Center: 1-800-318-2596 | TTY: 1-855-889-4325


Local assistance with people trained and certified to help you understand the Marketplace health coverage options and enroll in a plan.


Telephone: (915) 533-2434