Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee (ASAC) provides guidance and advice to all of the animal shelters located within the City of El Paso, and when authorized by an Interlocal Agreement, the County of El Paso or other municipalities located within the County of El Paso.  ASAC shall annually prepare and provide written report to the City Council that provides information regarding the performance of the statutorily required duties by the ASAC. 

Who is part of ASAC?

ASAC shall consist of 11 regular members. Of these 11 members, at least one shall be a licensed veterinarian, County or City official, person whose duties include daily operation of an animal shelter, and a representative from animal welfare organization. 

How are ASAC members appointed?

Mayor shall nominate 3 members and each City Council representative shall nominate 1 member to ASAC. The members are to serve a four year term.

When are ASAC meetings held?

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. All meetings start at 6:00 p.m. and are held at City Hall in the City Council Chambers, 300 N Campbell.

ASAC Members

Barbara M.  Candelaria

Appointed by District 6

Term ends 6/25/2018


Maria Ramirez

Appointed by District 7

Term ends 6/28/2021

Ken Margherio

Appointed by District 3 

Term ends 6/23/2021

Amanda Herrera

Appointed by District 5

Term ends 6/24/2019

Claudia Ordaz-Perez

Appointed by Mayor

Term ends 6/24/2019

Guy Wayne Johnsen

Appointed by Mayor 

Term ends 6/22/2020

Marcia Margherio

Appointed by District 2 

Term ends 6/26/2017

Charlie Moreno

Appointed by District 4 

Term ends 6/30/2021

Julie Rutledge

Appointed by Mayor

Term ends 6/28/2021


Appointed by District 8 

Term ends 

Regina Wagner

Appointed by District 1 

Term ends 6/24/2019