Surrender Prevention

The ultimate goal of the Surrender Prevention program is to help owners consider the reasons behind them looking into surrendering their animals. The best thing for any pet is to stay in the home they’re used to, and never have to come to the shelter, which is why Animal Services provides resources to help you keep your pet.

Surrendering your animal should always be a last-resort, and Animal Services has options to help you pass a difficult time. Visit our Pet Retention office to discuss the available resources to help you keep your animal. 

However, if you do choose to surrender your animal, surrendering an animal requires an appointment, which must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Appointments are available seven days a week during normal shelter hours. To schedule an appointment, please call 915-212-8735.

Prior to your appointment, we recommend filling out the following animal profile background form and sending it to, along with a clear photo(s) of your pet. Your email must include your name, phone number for contact, and the reason for relinquishing your pet.

If you reside outside the city limits of El Paso, Texas, or live in military housing, there will be a $55 fee per pet relinquished to the shelter. The City of El Paso Animal Services is not permitted to accept animals from outside the County of El Paso. 

If you are requesting euthanasia for your pet you will be required to make an appointment with the prevention office at 212-8735 and you will need to provide proof of ownership.

When surrendering an animal to Animal Services, you must bring the following items:

    • Valid Identification (i.e. Military ID, Driver’s License, etc.)

   • Proof of Ownership (i.e. veterinarian bill, vaccination record, etc.)

   • Photos of Pet

With all owner surrenders there is a “No Holding Period,” meaning the Department of Animal Services is not required to hold the animal for any amount of time before a disposition is determined. Animals surrendered become property of the department. 

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